Why are custom flag football belts so popular among the American Flag Football athletes and teams?

by Ezra Chavarin on February 21, 2020

The sport of American Flag Football is very unique and quickly growing in popularity. For starters there are about 6 different formats you can play American Flag Football. Some flag football belts used, are the “Pull Off” flag football belts. These belts have 3 flags stitched to the football belt. The flag football belt has a plastic clip at the end that is attached to the other end of the belt. These types of flag football belts do not have high quality stitching and therefore have terrible durability. These pull off flag football belts are not used or recommended for competitive American Flag Football games or tournaments. 

The 2nd oldest flag football belts are the velcro flag football belts. Velcro flag football belts have either 2 or 3 flags per belt. The flags are attached to the flag football belt by a small velcro strip. Again, these flags are manufactured with low quality flags and velcro and have the lowest durability of all the flag football belts available to athletes. Most leagues that use velcro or pull off flag football belts are recreational or “non-competitive”. 

So now we have the most popular form of flag football belts for the sport of American Flag Football. The quick release flag football belt is used by men, women, youth and even pro-athletes. These flag football belts use a unique system that attach the flag to the belt. The components that compose the quick release system on these flag football belts are made of high quality thermal polyurethane. These are called “poppers” and these poppers can be purchased in different colors to match your teams colors. These poppers give the quick release flag football belts the highest durability from all the flag football belts. Additionally, these flag football belts are used in the most competitive tournaments around the world. This has been proven by many athletes that have played American Flag Football with these flag football belts for more than  20 seasons. Lastly and most importantly these flag football belts can be customized with any team design, name or logo. 

Okay, so know you’re finally ready to start playing American Flag Football or you want to customize your flag football belts. What makes this fashion fad so popular? Simple, it’s part of the team culture that exists in the American Flag Football community around the world. How do you get your hands on some custom flag football belts? You can visit our product page and browse the wide selection of custom flag football belts or custom flag football flags. We also offer a custom designed service based on your specific designs. All you have to do is visit our contact us page and send gridironflags@gmail.com a message with your design of choice. Wearing custom flag football belts with a custom flag football jersey with the rest of your team is a feeling that’s hard to explain. It’s a feeling that brings teams together seasons after seasons. 

Custom flag football belts are a form of expression, unity and a way to bond with your team and others that share the passion for American flag football. 


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