Additional Flag Gear

by Tim Jacobs on December 12, 2022
What Additional Pieces of Flag Football Gear Do I Need?

If you’re putting together a flag football team, it’s important to have all the gear necessary for success. So what else do you need?

First, consider getting flag football belts with quick release clips that keep flags securely in place and allow players to release them quickly. They come in different sizes and colors, so everyone on your team should be able to find one that fits well and looks good.

You'll also want some sideline markers (like cones or disks) for your field. They’re designed to help define boundaries and provide visual reference points for players during the game.

And don't forget about protective gear like mouth guards, cleats, and knee pads—all of which are essential safety pieces. A good rule of thumb is that any player playing on a hard surface should wear protective equipment to avoid injury.

Finally, if you have late night games or if you plan on playing outdoors when it's dark, it's a good idea to invest in some field lights so everyone can still see what's going on.

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